A Dental Education to Advance My Career

Becoming a dental assistant was something that just kind of came to me out of the blue. When I was looking for jobs, I was able to find a great career simply by knowing the right people. I was able to get all of my training on the job, and I started with a great salary right away. This was something that really helped me to have a comfortable style of living, and really feel like i was giving a contribution back to society. This was a great job and I felt very happy with what I was doing.

When I would think about my future and my career, I wasn’t very satisfied. I knew that I really wanted more. I didn’t want to just be an assistant for the rest of my life. This was something that wouldn’t really satisfy me as much as other things could. I knew that I really needed to push forward and create a better life for myself. This is when I decided that I wanted to be a dentist. At first, this seemed like something that would be very hard for me to achieve, but then I realized how much potential I really had.

I started looking at dental schools, and I found that there were a lot of different options for me to get a degree. There were many different dental schools, but I would first have to complete my undergraduate degree and apply to a dental school. This was something that I was very willing to do. I was ready to take the first steps. I applied to a local university, and quickly started taking my grades very seriously. This is something that I had to work very hard at. I am currently still working on my generals, but I am pushing towards a pre med program heavily.

I know that education is the key to my success. It will open the doors that I need in order to be the dentist that I really want to become. There are many different careers in life that I could choose, but I know that being a dentist is for me. This is something that I will have to work very hard towards with my advanced degree, but it is something that is going to really pay off in the end with the income that I will be making and the contribution that I will be making as well.

Education: the necessary portal to success.

Education is an essential element in success in life. The process is a mix of formal and informal activities and experience. In the United States free public schools afford all citizens access to education from first grade through high school. Pre-school and kindergarten are also available to begin the formal learning process. Education is s system of giving children the basic skills to learn and behave in a cooperative social manner.Here we learn how to work with others, take increasing on responsibility and develop intellectual skills and abilities. Formal education supplies as well the credentials for admittance to more academic opportunities as well as for entry into and advancement in the workforce.

Informal education is a co-partner in developing the whole person. Beng able to learn from others a mix of physical and coping skills is essential to being able to adapt to change. In today’s working world the only real expectation is that change will be constant and often quick. Learning skills and being able to absorb and put to swift use verbal, nonverbal and physical information often determines how a person can grow when change occurs in the career and work environment. Today’s internet has made an astounding amount of learning opportunities available. Authoritative instructional videos, audios and ebooks have increased the toosl for development that only the largest academic libraries could offer previously.

Online education from reputable colleges and universities has expanded the opportunity to advance in degree work and do this while being employed. The convenience, academic resources and access to personal guidance online has casued a revolution in learning which many are putting to good use.

Many local school districts have community education programs which offer lifelong learning and career develpment courses taught by volunteer faculty who are usually local business owners and tradesmen.These low-cost courses are personable and usually enable career-seekers to develop local contacts and expand customer lists.

Education is not merely time spent in a series of classrooms from early years to teens. The process of education is never-ending and always expanding. The varieties of learning techniques and formats is as invividual as we are and the opportunities are always there for the taking. All that is needed is the desire and attitude.

Scholarships Changed My Mind

Dear Readers,

I have never in my life been more excited to share such wonderful news with you. I am officially going to University of Michigan in the Fall! I will be studying the incredibly fascinating field of Genetics and more specifically Genetic Therapy. There isn’t a thing in this world that would make me any more excited than I am at this moment in time.

I know that for quite a while I’d been telling you that my decision has been between University of Mississippi and Ohio State University so it fills my heart with joy to finally have made a decision. I’ve ditched them both for the University of Michigan. University of Michigan has offered me an extensive scholarship to study genetics with them. I guess that they must not get many females applying for such an interesting major in the sciences based on the description sent with the scholarship application. Who knows? Who cares?

Anyway, I am very excited to start working with them! Without this scholarship I am not entirely sure that I would have been able to afford go to this school, let alone study such a special narrow field of science. This is why it wasn’t on my initial list of possible schools. Scholarships are awesome aren’t they?

From the time I was little I’ve wanted to become a Genetic Counselor. I’ve always wondered why certain sexes are more prone to certain diseases and what the human genome says about us as a race of continually developing organisms. Geeky right? I guess I’ve always been known as that geeky girl with no friends so it’s only fit that I be that geeky kid with no friends studying a geeky topic and working in isolation in a lab. I should be sad, but I am far too excited at the idea of working with real DNA samples and manipulating outcomes as they arrive! I’ve been eying University of Michigan as they are sort of known for the sciences and genetics specifically, but they cost quite a bit more than the University of Mississippi or Ohio State so I figured that it would never be within the realm of possibility.

Scholarships are a wonderful thing. You see that they have changed my life extensively. This scholarship is what has made it possible for me to study at a school I had initially written off for cost. Unlike most people in this country, I didn’t apply for this scholarship that I was offered. I was sought out based on my peculiar scientific interest. So if I have learned anything, I have learned that I should seek scholarships instead of just assuming that they are out of reach. They changed my life and they can change yours too.

The Road to a College Degree

When I stopped and thought about it, I realized there are more than 8 billion people on the planet, yet how many of those people have a college degree? How many people even have the chance at getting a degree?

There is no doubt about the statistics that show people who finish college with a degree make a lot more than someone who does not. And I want to be part of that group. The statistics show that only about half of everyone who gets admitted into a college or university completes their course of instruction. This shows that college is not for everyone, but also shows the value of sticking it out and getting a degree.

I know I have what it takes to keep pushing and get my degree.

Besides making more money, I will also walk away with a personal sense of accomplishment that I can look back on for the rest of my life. Many people go from one job to another, never knowing what they really want to do. People who attend college are required to know what field they want to specialize in and earn a degree in that specialty. The higher level of degree you achieve, the more you know about your specialty.

I知 not sure how high I値l go, but from what I understand I can spend the next ten years in college and earn several degrees, becoming an expert in my field of study.

It痴 just not the academic part of it, but I値l be able to meet people from different cultures and who are just very different than I am. I値l be able to make new friends and from those friends be able to begin a support network so when I graduate we can keep in touch and help each other out finding jobs and other opportunities.

A degree, friends, connections, and becoming an expert in my field of study. All that will build a foundation I can work with for the rest of my life.